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JSP Beams 3SGE AE86 mount kit

JSP Beams AE86 3SGE mount kit


We are very proud to introduce our new Beams 3sge AE86 mount kit. This kit is the most complete and flexible kit on the market for this swap. This kit features a unique slotted design that allows the engine to be mounted in two positions.  The forward mounted position fits without any hammering to the firewall but requires the use of the included tension rod/swaybar spacers. The rear mounted position requires a small amount of hammering of the firewall to clear rear heater lines but allows the engine to be mounted without these spacers. Both positions clear the factory hood while retaining the factory engine cover. The kit includes:

2x Engine mounting brackets

1x Transmission mounting bracket

2x 1" Billet cnc machined subframe spacers

4x 3/4" Billet cnc machined tension rod spacers

1x Shifter cover plate

4x Grade 8.8 m12 Subframe hardware

12x Grade 8.8 m10 Engine/Transmission bracket hardware

8x  Grade 8.8 m10 Tension bracket hardware

4x Transmission bracket hardware   

Item #beamsae86mt

Price $435.00